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All our spices are available in 1kg packets, except for BBQ Beef Sausage which is available in 3,25kg.

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Commonly used spices in Biltong and Sausages

Apart from the obvious salt and pepper, here are some of the common sausage spices and biltong spices:

  • Chilli – cayenne pepper is added to sausages and biltong to give that extra  heat.
  • Sage – most good breakfast sausage recipes call for sage.
  • Mace – this is the outer shell of the nutmeg with a milder taste than regular  nutmeg. It’s used in most wiener (and bratwurst) sausage recipes.
  • Coriander – the seed of the cilantro plant, is more intense in flavour than the  leaves. This is must use biltong spice.
  • Fennel – the ripened and dried seeds of the fennel plant have a mild liquorice-  like flavour. Fennel seed gives Italian sausage its distinct taste.
  • Cumin – the dried seed of a plant that looks a lot like parsley. Cumin is an important spice in some Mexican and Asian recipes for sausages.
  • Ginger – the dried and ground root of the plant. Ginger is an important spice in salami and bratwurst.
  • Paprika – this is made from grinding the dried fruits of the Capsicum family. Normal and smoky paprika adds a nice bite and taste to your biltong.
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