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At-home meat processing. Why all the fuss?

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Every homegrown chef knows the untold rule of modern cooking.

If it’s homemade, it’s going to taste way better.

Whether just starting out with making your own burger patties or sausages, nothing beats the feeling of serving up something you made yourself and saying “Hey, I did this.”

Let’s dissect why the at-home chef is moving in this direction.

The Focus on Health.

By now everyone is (hopefully) aware that mass-produced food products have to go through a plethora of processes.

Whether increasing longevity, adding flavour, or cutting costs, there is always some other chemical/enhancer being used in the processing of meat.

With the awareness and transparency of the food processing industry, people have made the decision to not only expect more from their butchers and retailers but they have also made the decision to take the food processing concept into their own hands.

The Internet of Course.

With a trend of content creators moving into the cooking sphere, it’s no doubt that the consumer market wants to take advantage of the free information available online.

Whether watching your favourite YouTuber cooking up a storm or a TikTok star trying out a new recipe, the chances of getting hooked grow larger.

With curiosity being a driving force in people exploring new hobbies, it’s no doubt that people have flocked to stores to buy mincers, patty pressers, and sausage stuffers.

A Preference for Flavour.

Cooking means a few things. Passion and flavour.

When you cook, there’s a sense of pride that comes from the effort you put into it.

What gives you an extra bit of pride? Making something delicious of course.

Processing your own meat at home gives you control over so many factors. From the level of spice, ratios of meat cuts, and the quality of meat used, so many aspects come into your control.

What’s not to love?