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The Copcas Brand Story

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A business based on providing quality products to consumers needs a story more intricate than just that.

Developing a brand is a process and the Copcas process is still well on its to becoming a household staple in butcheries and customers across Southern Africa.

Today we open our book and share the Brand Story of Copcas.

In the Beginning …

Every story needs a beginning (unless it’s a sequel).

Starting out his career in the animal industry in 1996, founder of Copcas, Bruce Fallet, took to work in numerous companies specifically within the meat industry.

In 2002 Bruce decided to carve his own path in the meat processing world and founded Copcas.

Since then, the Cocpas team took to establishing a network of suppliers, customers, and more importantly, a family.

Finally, with a family behind the Copcas brand, the next step was to establish just that.

A brand.

The Copcas Brand

Any businessperson knows that creating a brand is no small feat.

It requires time, effort, and instinct.

At Cocpas we decided to stick to our roots and leverage our values into our brand and carve our way into the sausage manufacturing industry.

We focus intently on:

  • Providing the best quality. (It’s all-natural for us baby).
  • Being Experts in the field.
  • Treating each customer with a personal touch.

From this, we started establishing our communication channels and in turn, the Copcas story.

Telling the Story

What good is a fantastic story without telling it to those that need to hear it?

What better way to tell a story in modern times than with Social Media?

Just as we adapted our business practices to meet the needs of our customers, so we did the same to meet them on Social Media.

We believe in sharing our story in a fun and inviting way. That’s why our efforts on Social Media carry the humour we all share at the office.

The implementation of a major video campaign was the next step.

With our commercial carrying the same sense of humour, the portrayal of our brand became much easier.

Moving forward, we aim to do the same.

Our goal is to be a pillar of good quality, and fun in the meat processing industry.

The Copcas Brand Story is evolving and we’re excited to carry you all with us on this journey.