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Huntex: 10 Years strong and it shows

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Our company had the amazing opportunity to be invited to the hunting expo at Gallagher. Being spread across multiple venues at Gallagher, a major variety of products and services are situated around hunting, security, food processing, and much more!

There was even a drone exhibition.

The Expo

HuntEx is more than an exhibition.

It’s a community of enthusiasts, people with an interest in hunting, and families looking to spend a unique weekend outside of the house.

HuntEx takes place over a weekend (this year it took place from the 21st to the 23rd of April) and encourages a global standard of hunting experience catering to all facets of the sport. From weapon exhibitions to targets to security solutions, this year HuntEx was THE exhibition to be present at.

The Expo also was spread across several venues within Gallagher giving visitors quite the playground to explore.

Copcas at Huntex

Our stall was setup at the heart of the exhibition, showcasing our products quite proudly amongst an often intimidating set of individuals. We did stand proud and quite tall!

With a variety of Nyati biltong and drywors spice, casings and other products being showcased at our stall, we did attract an extensive amount of attention. It makes sense because what do you do after you’ve brought your meat home and are in need to process it effectively?

You call us of course.

Copcas stands proud in the hunting community, offering a hearty service to all our clients and customers. We do the dirty work, make it clean and give you the pleasure of enjoying a delicious product at the end of the day.

The hunting sector does have a special place in our hearts. After all, the first hunter needed to do something with his meat.

We do our job in this industry as well and we’re proud of it.

Closing thoughts

In essence, the hunting community is quite present in South Africa. With a wide variety of game options, farmlands, and resources available, hunting has become quite the pastime, even attracting overseas influence.

As a casing company, we are needed to a large extent (and we deliver) and not only within the hunting sector but the general food processing industry as well.