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Boerewors: More than just a bun stuffer.

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Our national sausage is far more than a filler for your Pick n’ Pay bread rolls.

When looking at the ingredients, it’s no surprise that the spiced-up mince inside the casing offers far more than just its sausage form.

Today we’re going to take a look at some alternative recipes and dishes that, with the addition of boerewors, can make quite the meal.

Let’s dig in!

Boerewors Nachos

You read that right.

Boerewors Nachos blend the flavours of South Africa with that of Mexico in an intricate and delicious fashion.

With the addition of boerewors as a hefty protein, this recipe offers a new take on an excellent dish.

By simply dicing up your leftover (or freshly cooked) boerewors, and adding it as a topper, your nachos gain a South African twist.

Courtesy of Food24, the recipe for this South-Mexican creation can be found here


Boerewors Stew

A hearty stew goes a long way.

A hearty piece of boerewors does exactly the same.

It’s no wonder that the creative minds at Woolworths came up with the Boerewors Stew.

A blend of spices, tomato, onion, and a whole bunch of heart, leads to a tasty experience.

Simply adding boerewors as a protein to your regular stew concoction can create a surprising difference in your meal.

This is mainly due to the existing spices in your wors of choice.

To find the exact recipe for this click here

Boerewors Pasta

A quick and easy meal is one of the greatest pleasures in life especially when it tastes this good.

This one-pot dish takes the conventional Spaghetti Bolognese recipe and turns it straight on its head.

Simply take your tomato and garlic-based sauce and add boerewors pieces into it.

Lastly, take your already-cooked pasta and throw it into the pot as well.

It’s that simple.

For the detailed recipe click here.