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At-home game processing: The Ideal Hunter

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Let’s illustrate a picture.

The wild planes of the Savannah a couple of hundred years ago.

The thrill of the chase, the warmth of the sun, days of tracking, and finally a successful hunt.

There’s only one problem …

What do you do with the game you’ve just succeeded in hunting?

Well, back in the old days, there was no convenient meat processing vendor to help dress and process your prize. It was all up to you.

Today, we’re taking it back to the old-school charm of hunting and why seeing the hunt all the way through to at-home processing might just be your next favourite hobby (outside of hunting of course).

The thrill still continues at home

No matter your hunting expertise or experience, there’s always more to gain from processing your game at home.

Being responsible for the hunting process all the way through to the first bite of biltong or boerewors has a certain quality that not everyone gets to feel.

Outside of saving a substantial amount of money, the thrill of hunting doesn’t stop when you leave the lodge and say ciao to your hunting party.

Getting home and knowing that the next step of the hunt is about to take place puts an extra little pep in your step.

Suddenly you feel more involved, more connected to the idea of hunting and most importantly, you feel more in tune with the days of old where hunting was a part of human nature.

Why not follow all the way through?

There’s always more control

One thing that stands out in at-home processing is the ability to control the quality from beginning to finish.

You decide how the meat is cut, how much is cut off, and what you want to do with each individual part of your haul.

Doing so also allows you to gain a better understanding of meat processing in general.

It’s a delicate process that requires time and patience that leads up to a stronger connection between yourself and the sport.

Hunting becomes more than just killing

There’s a sort of respect that comes out of at-home processing.

It really allows you, as the hunter, to get acquainted with the animal and form a respectable bond with the sport.

A major misconception of hunting is that it’s all about killing.

Being responsible for the processing of your haul allows you to tear away that misconception. It gives you confidence in what you’re doing while making your hobby more of a lifestyle.

Hunters have the opportunity to promote the sport that they do, and being responsible for the entire process makes you a thought leader.

Being able to communicate the emotions of the entire hunting process really allows you to be an advocate for the sport.

In the long run, there are bountiful benefits that come from at-home processing.

There is of course a steep learning curve but with perseverance, the results most definitely outweigh the effort.