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A Commercial about Sausage Casings? That’s right

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After reading the above title, you’re probably wondering to yourself “that’s a bit strange,” but we’re here to tell you that not only is it quite normal, it’s something we did and we’re proud of it!

That’s right, we launched our very own television quality commercial all over our social media and YouTube marketing none other than our naturally perfect sausage casings and products.

Why did we make this decision?

Let’s talk about it.

The Idea

South Africa is no stranger to clever and quirky advertising practices.

It doesn’t take long to come across a man dancing to please his tractor or that new Nandos ad that everyone is talking about (even though it probably got taken down). With this culture in mind, we decided to follow suit and create our very own storyline to not only market our products, but get a chuckle out of those of you who have seen it.

“But why YOUR brand?”

We’re glad you asked.

Products are crucial for customers. Customers want products, the two go hand in hand but … aren’t you tired of seeing the same thing over and over again on social media and TV?

Let’s paint the scene.

The ad starts and a beautiful woman (or man) is holding a (insert generic household item here). The scene spends way too long on how happy the person is now that they have (generic household item). The music is happy and vibrant, the product itself is overly edited (maybe even computer generated) and a whole bunch of random words keep appearing on the screen telling you how good your life will be with (generic product).

This is exactly what we didn’t want to do, we wanted to go against the grain and give something back. Something that people want to see.

Something funny!

Commercial Comedy

It’s no secret that South Africans love comedy. More often than not, South African comedians are more famous than music artists or actors/actresses.

It says something about what we like.

We played into this quite hard with our ad incorporating the humorous side of production and storytelling.

Anyone can make an ad about (insert generic product) and show it off for what it is. We believe in sharing a little bit about who we are and not our products.

Copcas loves fun. We love joking around and making light of the situation. That’s why we chose the direction we went in.

If you haven’t seen our ad yet, take a look and let us know what you think.